i-fix expects all registered repairmen to be professional and to ensure this, a deposit is required from all repairmen. This deposit is refundable on account termination.

The deposit is used by i-fix as follows:

  • When a repairman's bid on a job is accepted, RM10 is locked from the deposit account per job until the job is complete.
    • In case of Cash payment; the RM10 is taken by i-fix as fee.
    • In case of Electronic payment (Credit/Debit/Online Banking), the RM10 is restored back into the deposit account.
    • If a repairman cancels a job after his bid was accepted by the customer, RM5 is deducted from the locked amount as a cancellation penalty and only RM5 is returned to the deposit account.
    • If a customer cancels the job, the full RM10 locked upon bid acceptance is returned to the deposit account.

If the deposit is below RM10, repairmen will not be able to bid on any more jobs until they to-pup their deposit again.